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Is your prospective oil-contract block disputed?
Obtaining an outside opinion demonstrates due diligence.
Are the boundaries on your maps current?
The earlier you can anticipate boundary modifications, the more 
cost-effectively you can adjust your products and ensure their timeliness and accuracy.
Even in the late 20th Century vast areas on land and at sea are disputed among the countries of the world. There are significant territorial quarrels in Asia and Latin America. Boundary alignment problems bedevil many states, including those of the former Soviet Union. There can be wide divergence between de facto and de jure boundaries. 

Less than one-third of 420 possible maritime boundaries are agreed. Off the west coast of Africa, a mere seven of 33 offshore boundaries have been settled. Only one of the four Canada-US maritime boundaries is fixed--and that only in part. 

Countries benefit from having foreign oil companies contract in disputed areas. It reinforces sovereignty claims. Therefore, governments may not inform interested firms of uncertain title to prospective areas. 

The map of the world changes constantly. Cartographic products and services need constant updating to satisfy customer requirements. 

International Boundary Consultants can help

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